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Wa Bmg 44

Также известно как: BMG 44, WA BMG 44
Члены группы Wa Bmg 44: Fatim, Matador (2)
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/bmg44

Дискография Wa Bmg 44:

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Senegalese Hiphop crew from Thiaroye, near Dakar, consisting of members, Matador aka Xaralé, Nigga 'Lyrical44' Ceddo and honorary first lady Fatim. Wa Bokk Menmen Guestu literally means "All together to think better", and the 44 refers to the year Senegalese soldiers were shot by the French for demanding their compensation as prisoners of war to the Germans. In 2000 Wa BMG 44 produced the controversial classic "Def Ci Yaw" which spoke out against government corruption and thievery which had a huge impact on the 2000 Senegalese elections. After recording their anthem "44" on African Underground Vol.1, they went into the studio in Belgium where they worked on their highly anticipated second full length release. This album, called "44 4 Life" came out in 2004 and scored a nationwide hit with the first single "Jox Ma Sa 5" earning them the Award for Best Senegalese Hip-Hop Album in 2004.

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