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Franco Patrignani

Также известно как: F. Patrignani, Franco Patriginani, Franco Patrignano, Franco Petrignani, Patrignani

Дискография Franco Patrignani:

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Famous italian engineer of prestigious recording studios [i]Forum Studios[/i] of Rome, created in late 60's by [a=Luis Bacalov], [a=Ennio Morricone], [a=Armando Trovajoli], [a=Piero Piccioni] and since 1979 represented by him and his wife Emma and where has been recorded the mastertapes of renowned artists such as [a=Tony Renis], [a=Pino Daniele], [a=Riccardo Cocciante], [a=Lucio Dalla], [a=Patty Pravo], [a=Claudio Baglioni], [a=Renato Zero], [a=Youssou N'Dour]. His son, musician and record producer [a=Marco Patrignani] in 1996 creates [l=Forum Music Village] initiating a process of transformation and restructuring of the studios, leading to the creation of a modern professional place with the interaction of different musical cultures and the attendance of artists and producers worldwide renown.

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