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Martin Eriksson

Bo Martin Erik Eriksson

Также известно как: Eriksson, Eriksson, Martin, Martin, Martin "E Type" Eriksson, Martin "E-Type" Erikson, Martin "E-Type" Eriksson

Дискография Martin Eriksson:

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Bo Martin Erik Eriksson (born August 27, 1965 in Uppsala, Sweden), better known by his stage name [a=E-Type], is a Swedish Eurodance musician with rock/metal roots. He started his musical career in the 1980s as a drummer in the speed metal bands [a=Maninnya Blade] and [a=Hexenhaus]. In 1991 he met up with [a=Stakka Bo] with two singles as a result of the partnership: "We Got the Atmosphere" in 1991 and "Numania 1" in 1992. This earned him a job as a VJ on ZTV. His first solo single, "I'm Falling" was released in mid 1993 but did poorly commercially. His breakthrough (as [a=E-Type]) came in 1994 with the collaboration with the producers from [l=Cheiron] ([a=Denniz PoP], [a=Max Martin], and [a=Amadin]) on his debut album Made in Sweden.

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