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Darien Daniel

Darien Daniel

Также известно как: Darien Hage
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/djdarienx

Дискография Darien Daniel:

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Darien Daniel started producing music in 1990, in the mid early 90’s teaming up with Chris Brann, whom with he co-founded Wamdue Productions. Daniel and Brann met DJ Deep C (Chris Clarke) and Udoh (Chris Udoh) at an Atlanta warehouse party named the “Beat Motel”. The production company started producing tracks under the name Wamdue Kids, releasing house music EPs on several labels including Detroit label Acacia Records. After taking a vacation from Wamdue Productions, Daniel returned home to Los Angeles and started producing tracks on his own, encompassing several genres of music which he speaks fluently such as house, downtempo, techno and disco punk. Wamdue Productions is better known for the hit "King of My Castle", released in 1997 under the name Wamdue Project. Originally produced as a downtempo piece, it achieved worldwide fame and sold over two million copies worldwide and is reportedly the best-selling single ever for the Strictly Rhythm label, becoming a #1 in the UK Singles Chart and a #3 in Germany in 1999. A follow-up Wamdue Project single, "Where Do We Go", hit #9 on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in 1998. One more single ("You're The Reason") achieved success in Germany in lower chart regions (#55). A 2000 re-release of "King of My Castle", with new remixes, hit #1 the following year. Daniel and Brann also collaborated in several side projects, playing alongside several top performers like The Chemical Brothers and Rabbit in the Moon. Prior to Wamdue, Darien started an event production, marketing and promotion company pivotal to taking Atlanta over the top in the international community by producing 400 events.Darien Daniel also established a Graphic Design and 3d Animation design agency. As a dj and electronic artist, Darien Daniel has preformed with many live acts including: Crystal Method, Union Jack, Deee-lite, Chemical Brothers Orbital, The Orb, Liquid, Spring Heel Jack, Lords of Acid Rabbit in the Moon, and Moby. and hundreds of dj’s including: Derrick Carter, Doc Martin,Terry Mullan, Dj Buck, James Christian, DB, The Wamdue Kids, Tommie Sunshine, Markie, Scott Richmond, Scott, Robbie and Galvin Hardkiss, Simply Jeff, Dj Garth, Dj Thomas, Dj Emma, John Debo, Kimbal Collins, Josh Wink, King Britt, Dj Funk, Soul Slinger, Yellow Note, Odi, DJ Duke, Dozia, Dj Who, Joski, Onionz, Kevin Saunderson, Dj Sneak, Casper Pound, Keoki, Dave Trance, Jason Jinx, Chris Fortier, Friction and Spice. While in Atlanta also assisted in opening Satellite Records Atlanta, which was from New York, where he arranged the hire of Tommie Sunshine, who was Darien’s roommate at the time. While Darien helped establish Tommie’s dj career by giving him his first major booking, Satellite Records helped establish Atlanta’s hold in the international dance music community by providing quality music that rivaled any record store in the United States.

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