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Seven Minutes Of Nausea

Также известно как: 7 M.O.N, 7 M.O.N., 7 Minutes Of Nausea, 7 MON, 7moИ, 7MON, 7MONX
Члены группы Seven Minutes Of Nausea: Achim Friederich, Matthias Weigand, Mick Hollows, Scut, Sindy (6)
Группа в интернете: http://www.7monx.de

Дискография Seven Minutes Of Nausea:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 PTAO / Seven Minutes Of Nausea 2 audio iTunes 2000
2 Your Father Was A Poser... And What's About You?? 552 audio iTunes 1990 TNT & Records
3 We'll Just Have To Acclimatize Ourselves To The Post - Nuclear Area!!!! 242 audio iTunes 1989 TNT & Records
4 XX 362 audio iTunes 1993 Psycho Mania Records
5 Split 260 audio iTunes 1995 Ecocentric Records
6 Censored Noise (The Demos Vol. 1) 8 audio iTunes 1995 B-Gore Records
7 Nauseas Been Rebored 3 audio iTunes 2006 Ecocentric Records
8 7MONX -vs- AGX 9 audio iTunes 2008 Menace To Sobriety Records
9 Our Culture Re-Bored 2 audio iTunes 1997 A.I.P.R.
10 Split 11 audio iTunes 2009-05-00 Lolita Slavinder Records
11 Collapsing In 19 audio iTunes 2010-02-00
12 Old Noises Of The Roses 10 audio iTunes 2010-03-20 R.O.N.F. Records
13 Bloodred Bacteria / Seven Minutes Of Nausea 12 audio iTunes 2002 DAC Productions
14 Split Tape 327 audio iTunes 1995 Sem Nome Tapes
15 7 M.O.N. / M.D.M. / N.P.H. / A La Patada 4 audio iTunes
16 The Noise Of The Rose 4 audio iTunes 1991 TNT & Records
17 Chavo 9 audio iTunes 1998 Ecocentric Records
18 Non Exact Info 320 audio iTunes 2010
19 Nauseas Been Rebored 3 audio iTunes 2006 Ecocentric Records
20 Damnatio Ad Bestias Vol 2. 6 audio iTunes 2012 Ecocentric Records
21 Primo Atto Di Violenza / Jatkuvaa Pahoinvointi 17 audio iTunes 2013-04-06 Horns & Hoofs Records
22 Split Demo 2 audio iTunes 1989 Not On Label (Sound Pollution (2) Self-released)
23 Mehr Bomben Für Die Front / Overhead Project Koblenz 134 audio iTunes 2001 Zyklonen Tapes
24 Split Live CDR 10 audio iTunes 2012 Sonoros Records
25 Here's The Actual Nature Of Death 4 audio iTunes 1989 Screaming For A Change
26 Seven Minutes Of Nausea / Patareni 911 audio iTunes Metal Thrashin Mad

Seven Minutes Of Nausea, a.k.a. 7MON started in 1985 in Australia with [a=Scut] on drums/bass and [a=Mick Hollows] on vocals. In January 1990 the group split up and Mick Hollows travelled to Europe continuing [i]Seven Minutes Of Nausea[/i] as a one-man project in collaboration with different friends from Germany on the following releases. Their style has influenced a lot of noisecore bands in the early 90's and their releases have cult status. Nowadays is the band based in Germany and consists of [a=Mick Hollows] and [a=Matthias Weigand] who also runs [l=Ecocentric Records].

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