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Anthony Walker

Anthony D. Walker

Дискография Anthony Walker:

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Producer - pianist - engineer Native of St. Paul, Minnesota, began taking music lessons under the tutelage of his father, Rev. Carl Walker, at the age of five. At ten, he made his public debut at his home church in Saint Paul. Among his musical influences he counts [a=Joe Sample], [a=Billy Preston], [a=Art Tatum], and [a=Oscar Peterson]. He studied classical music at Alabama State University and received a master's degree in piano performance from Temple University. Currently the music director at Hope Christian Church, Tony's recent appearances include the BET Soundstage, WHUR-TV, and the BET on Jazz, as well as national and international tours that have taken him to Canada, England, Germany, and Argentina. In demand as a session player, he has recorded recently with [a=Nancy Wilson], gospel artists Richard Smallwood, Vickie Winans, and preacher-author T.D. Jakes.

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