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DJ Roc

Clarence Johnson a.k.a. The Crack Capone

Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/caponemixtape

Дискография DJ Roc:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 The Crack Capone 20 audio iTunes 2010-10-00 Planet Mu
2 The Crack Capone 20 audio iTunes 2010 Planet Mu
3 Juke City The Crack Capital 31 audio iTunes
4 Juke City 2 The Take Over 30 audio iTunes
5 JUKE CITY 3 The Crack Capitol The Mutenity 35 audio iTunes

DJ Roc was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago better known as the "low end". He grew up listening to Ghetto House and loved seeing people's reactions dancing to it. In 2001 he was introduced to the Fruityloops program and has been making House and Juke music ever since. This developed into a local DJing career, and in 2005, with friends, he formed 'Bosses Of The Circle' who began throwing their own parties, promoting themselves and building up their fan base. They were also the first Juke squad to release their own CD mixtapes. Linking up with DJ Slugo, they got their first CD "Juke City: The Crack Capital" in stores, swiftly followed by "Juke City Vol 2: The Take Over" and "Juke City Vol 3".

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