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Idiot Flesh

Также известно как: I.F., Idiots
Члены группы Idiot Flesh: Dan Rathbun, Gene Jun, Nils Frykdahl, Wes Anderson (4)

Дискография Idiot Flesh:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Tales Of Instant Knowledge And Sure Death 10 audio iTunes 1992 Rock Against Rock Records
2 Teen Devil Worshipper 4 audio iTunes 1995 Rock Against Rock Records
3 Fancy 13 audio iTunes 1997-11-04
4 Fancy 13 audio iTunes 1997-11-04

A highly theatrical band that developed at Berkeley's infamous Barrington Hall in the 1985 originally as [a1495698]. They changed their name to Idiot Flesh prior to the release of their first LP. They produced three albums as Idiot Flesh, and there is a final studio album that remains to be unfinished. After Idiot Flesh's demise, various band members went on to work with such projects as [a=Faun Fables], [a=Sleepytime Gorilla Museum] & [a=Charming Hostess]. As of January 29th, 2008, the four core members of the last incarnation have reacquainted themselves and have started work on finishing their final, unfinished album. There is also talk of reunion shows.

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