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Fan Club

Также известно как: Fan Club, The
Члены группы Fan Club: Aishah, Dave Larsen, Glenn Peters (2), Malcolm Smith (2), Paul Moss

Дискография Fan Club:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Respect The Beat 10 audio iTunes 1990 Epic
2 Don't Let Me Fall Alone 3 audio iTunes 1990
3 Sensation 10 audio iTunes 1988 CBS

They formed in New Zealand in the late 1980s. The boys in the band were looking for a lead singer and they happened upon Aishah, a Malaysian studying abroad. Her looks and voice were a perfect fit for their pop sound. They soon released an album, Sensation, in 1988 (as The Fan Club). It was produced by locals and became a big hit in New Zealand and Malaysia, and spawned three top 20 singles there: "Sensation", "Paradise" and "Call Me". They released their second album, Respect The Beat, a year later, and it was also a hit, spawning three more hit singles: "I Feel Love", "Never Gave Up On You" and "Don't Let Me Fall Alone". This last song ended up being the biggest selling single of all time in New Zealand. Their success drew the attention of Epic Records in North America.

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