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Alix Combelle

Также известно как: A. Combelle, Alex Combelle, Alix Combell, Combelle

Дискография Alix Combelle:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 The Swinging Mister Alix 20 audio iTunes 1999 EPM Musique
2 New Sound 4 audio iTunes Philips
3 Avalon / Al's Idea 2 audio iTunes 1937-11-00 Swing (3)
4 Nuages / Les Yeux Noir 2 audio iTunes 1940-12-00 Swing (3)
5 Festival Swing / En Souvenir 2 audio iTunes 1941 Swing (3)
6 Parade Des Remparts Du Sud / Sent For You Yesterday 2 audio iTunes 1941 Swing (3)
7 Divertissement Dans Une Fonderie / Mr. Jinx 2 audio iTunes 1944 Swing (3)
8 Bring That Bottle Pops / Riffin' In Paris 2 audio iTunes 1947 Swing (3)
9 1937-1940 Tome 1 18 audio iTunes 1984 Pathé Marconi EMI
10 In The Mood / Moonlight Serenade / Don't Be That Way / Melancholy Baby 4 audio iTunes Disques Vogue

b : June 15, 1912 in Paris (France) d : March 2, 1978 in Mantes (France) Tenor sax jazz french player during 1930s and '40s, Combelle was originally a drummer. He has worked with all the who's-who of pre-world war french jazz musicians, but went occasionally in US in the '30s and has recorded for expatriate US musicians in Paris during the '50s and '60s ([a=Bill Coleman (2)], [a=Buck Clayton] etc ...)

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