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Rostok Vampires

Также известно как: Rostock Vampires
Члены группы Rostok Vampires: Bulla, Christian Schwieghusen, Dörfel, Thomas Supe
Группа в интернете: http://www.rostokvampires.com/

Дискография Rostok Vampires:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Pay The Price 6 audio iTunes 1989 Nuclear Blast
2 Boring Old Fart 3 audio iTunes 1990 Nuclear Blast
3 Transylvanian Disease 21 audio iTunes 1989 Nuclear Blast
4 Misery 12 audio iTunes 1990
5 Torment Of Transformation 15 audio iTunes 1991
6 Stone Dead Forever 9 audio iTunes 1993 Nuclear Blast
7 New Morning 14 audio iTunes 2005 Trashmark Records
8 Misery 10 audio iTunes 1990
9 Transylvanian Disease 15 audio iTunes 1989 Nuclear Blast
10 Stone Dead Forever 9 audio iTunes 1993 Nuclear Blast
11 Boring Old Fart 3 audio iTunes 1990 Nuclear Blast
12 Misery 12 audio iTunes 1992 MG Records (2)
13 Torment Of Transformation 13 audio iTunes 1991 Nuclear Blast

German outfit ROSTOK VAMPIRES, homebased in Dortmund already exist since the midst of the eighties. After several line-up-changes they started the new way at New Year's Day 1988 in West-Berlin. In October 88 they entered the Masterplan-Studio and recorded 21 tracks in 3 days and sent them to different independent punk- and hardcorelabels. Nuclear Blast Records, which had been a pure punk/hardcore label in those times, signed the band for three LPs. The first release "Transylvanian Disease" with 15 of the songs the band recorded in 88 came out in summer 1989 and was the most successful release for the label up to then. 15th of November the ROSTOK VAMPIRES started their first club-tour through Europe as Co-headliner with IMPULSE MANSLAUGHTER. Therefore a mini-LP called "Pay The Price" came out which included the 6 songs which did not fit on the debut LP. They were playing in Holland, France, Italy, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland and of course Germany. All together 38 shows in 6 weeks. 1990 the VAMPIRES played two club-tours and nearly every weekend two shows somewhere in Germany. In the midst of 1990 the 2nd record "Misery" was recorded again at the Masterplan-Studio and came out in autumn of the same year. The band played a co-headliner tour with SUCKSPEED to promote the new release. 1991 Bulla, the rhythm-guitarist, left the band, because he could not manage playing in this band and working from nine to five during the week. The band played on as a four-piece. The first tour took place in Poland, where the band had many fans. In the end of this year the band recorded their 3rd LP in the Vielklang-Studios in Berlin. "The Torment Of Transformation" was released in spring 1992. The "Last Crash Tour" started in early summer 1992. Therefore a mini-LP called "Stone Dead Forever" with some previously unreleased tracks came out. The last gig took place in Karlsruhe 2nd of June 1992. The band split because Christian, the singer, felt burn-out. The other boys tried out some other singers, but Christian could not been replaced. After a test-gig in the end of 2001 the boys decided to play on. Bulla returned to the band and Supe, the bassist, was replaced by Doerfel. The comeback-show took place on June 22nd 2002 in Unna/Germany. The ROSTOK VAMPIRES already recorded a 4-track-demo in July 2002 called "In The Pitch" and the Vampires are still working at new songs to be released this year through an as-yet--undisclosed label. Their fourth full-length album "New Morning" was released in 2006, after that the band lost again.

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