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Philippe Weiss

Также известно как: P. Weiss, P.Weiss, Philipe Weiss, Phillipe Weiss, Phillippe Weiss
Группа в интернете: http://www.philippeweiss.com, http://www.miloco.co.uk/studios/the-red-room/interview-with-philippe-weiss/

Дискография Philippe Weiss:

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Swiss born, Paris based, mixing engineer/producer. His clients and musical styles are very eclectic (from Jazz to Electronica from Hip Hop/Pop to Rock...), ranging from Legendary artists such as Charles Aznavour, to European work for Wyclef Jean, Bounty Killer and the Beastie Boys. A lot of his clients are based in France and Europe (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, England etc...). His work, 90% of the time, is mixing and/or co-producing. Co-owner and creator of [l=Red Room Studio, Paris] - prior to this he worked at 'The Room, Geneva, Switzerland'.

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