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Willie Kent

Дискография Willie Kent:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Littlejohn's Blues Party (Chicago Blues Session Volume 13) 9 audio iTunes 1989 Wolf Records (2)
2 Everybody Needs Somebody 12 audio iTunes Wolf Records (2)
3 I'm What You Need 8 audio iTunes 1989 Big Boy Records (7)
4 Ghetto 8 audio iTunes MCM Blues Records
5 Long Way To Ol' Miss 13 audio iTunes 1996 Delmark Records
6 Ain't It Nice 11 audio iTunes 1991 Delmark Records
7 Too Hurt To Cry 13 audio iTunes 1994 Delmark Records

American blues bassist, singer and songwriter. Born : February 24, 1936 in Inverness, Sunflower County, Mississippi. Died : March 02, 2006 in Chicago, Illinois. Worked with : Little Walter, Muddy Waters, Little Milton, Fenton Robinson, Hubert Sumlin, Eddie Clearwater, Jimmy Johnson, Carey Bell, Buster Benton, John Littlejohn, Mighty Joe Young, B.B. Jones, Bob Fender, jerry Wells and many others. Besides being a session musician, began in 1975, recording a career independent albums under his own name.

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