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Steffe Sharpstrings

Stephan Lewry

Также известно как: Prof. S. Sharpstrings P.A., Prof. S. Sharpstrings. P.A., Prof. S. Sharpstrings.P.A., Prof. Sharpstrings.P.A., Prof.Sharpstrings, S. Lewry, Sharpstrings, Steffan Sharpstrings, Steffe, Steffe Sharp de Strings, Steffi Sharpstrings, Steffie Sharpstrings, Steffy, Steffy Sharpstrings, Stephan Sharpstrings

Дискография Steffe Sharpstrings:

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Guitarist, vocalist composer and producer from the UK, active since the mid 1970's with several names : - [a353215] when playing psychedelic guitar in bands like Here & Now, Gong, Planet Gong, Ici Maintenants... - [a33887] for his dub/techno works starting in the late 1990's - [a588760] : his real name, mostly used for writing credits

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