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DJ Leo Luxxxus

Leo Leinonen

Также известно как: DJ Leo Luxus, Leo, Leo Luxus, Leo Luxxxus
Группа в интернете: https://soundcloud.com/leoluxury, https://www.facebook.com/leopoldluxury

Дискография DJ Leo Luxxxus:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 You Know The Drill - Mixtape 27 audio iTunes 2006 Softone Music
2 Basick EP 6 audio iTunes 2000 Not On Label (DJ Leo Luxxxus Self-Released)
3 Riimiklubi Mixtape Vol. 1 21 audio iTunes 2003 Not On Label

Leo Luxxxus, a pastel-clad lover from space who makes girls wet with a finely-tuned, yet vocoded voice. For over a decade he has been perfecting his production, mixing and turntablism across Finland—from Helsinki to Inari—in particular as 1/3 of the modern funk and boogie specialists, the High Hopes crew. Leo does not indulge in gimmickry; he presents contemporary stylings with an appreciation to old school aesthetics. When Leo is on the cut you can except smooth grooves to be accented with scratches, double rocking and live blends. The modern funk connoisseur is releasing his debut LP though Amsterdam-based record label Groove College Records. “LXXXIV” puts synth leads from the West Coast next to bass lines from 1980s Miami and tops that with drums from off the meat rack. Expect nothing less than modern funk tinged with Scandinavian vibes. Leo Luxxxus, a cosmic lover who commands his starship while coasting harmoniously between the planets. Han Solo of this century. Role model of the future.

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