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Section 63

Andy Brookes

Также известно как: Section

Дискография Section 63:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Rhythm Schism / Catchfire 2 audio iTunes 2005-08-15 Control Breaks Recordings
2 Dr. Satan / In Yer Section 2 audio iTunes 2005-12-19 Control Breaks Recordings
3 We Have Fun. 2 audio iTunes 2008 Control Breaks Recordings
4 Too Cool For Nu Skool Part 2 2 audio iTunes 2006 Control Breaks Recordings

Andy started out his musical career on guitar until in '97 free parties, Nu Skool Breaks and a brand new 303 changed everything. Recognising that he had found his calling, Andy packed himself off to the ACM in Guildford to get his hands dirty with some serious production kit. No sooner was he there than he met James Good, his future label mate, Semtech, and the two locked horns in a noisy game of one-upmanship that was to be the beginning of the Control Breaks sound. These days you'll find Andy glued to his computer and should you be fortunate enough to distract him long enough for a chat he'll probably tell you of nights checking out the competition at Fabric, ambitious plans for future projects and his admiration for Kraftwerk, Adam Freeland and Giorgio Morodor.

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