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Quin Ivy

Также известно как: Ivy, Q. Ivy, Quinn Ivy, Quinvy

Дискография Quin Ivy:

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Born 1937 in Oxford, Mass, USA. Quin Ivy was a disc jockey turned songwriter crucial to the Muscle Shoals scene in the 1960s. Born the son of a share cropper, he was a DJ at WMPS in Memphis, TN, and WLAY in Muscle Shoals, AL. He wrote songs with producer Rick Hall of Fame Recording Studios. In 1965, Ivy opened his [l=Quinvy Recording Studio]. Ivy started his own labels, Quinvy and South Camp, distributed by Atco/Atlantic. In the '70s, Ivy sold his studio, earned an M.A. degree from Mississippi State University, and began teaching accounting courses.

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