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L'Armée Des 12

Также известно как: L'Armée Des 12 Singes
Члены группы L'Armée Des 12: Ahmed Mazouz, Alexandre Miranda, Dominique Bolore, Julien Pradeyrol, Mohamed Mazouz, Saphir Le Joaillier

Дискография L'Armée Des 12:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Cadavre Exquis 17 audio iTunes 2002

L'Armée Des 12 is the reunion of 6 french rappers from Paris, the MCs of [a=TTC], [a=La Caution], and Saphir from [a=Les Cautionneurs]. They released an album in 2002, and the members of TTC and La Caution appeared together in some mixtapes, but they only released an album, the only one and probably the last. In 2007, on a [a=DJ Raze] mixtape, they rap together on a cover of "I Got 5 On It".

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