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Soulettes, The

Rita Marley, Marlene Gifford, Cecile Campbell, Constantine 'Vision' Walker, Nora Dean, Hortense Lewis

Также известно как: Sollettos, The, Soulettes
Члены группы Soulettes, The: Cecile Campbell, Constantine 'Vision' Walker, Hortense Lewis, Marlene Gifford, Nora Dean, Rita Marley

Дискография Soulettes, The:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Opportunity / Sudden Destruction 2 audio iTunes 1965 Ska Beat
2 You're No Good / Don't Care What The People Say 2 audio iTunes 1966 Ska Beat
3 Please Don't Go / By Saint Peter 2 audio iTunes C And N Records
4 I've Been Lonely / Version 2 audio iTunes Tuff Gong
5 Rub And Squeeze / Here Comes The Minx 2 audio iTunes 1966 Island Records
6 Ska-La-Parasienne / Please Don't Go 2 audio iTunes 2004 C And N Records
7 Pity The Fool / One More Chance 2 audio iTunes Not On Label
8 Play, Play, Play / Nice Time 2 audio iTunes Tuff Gong
9 How Could I / I Want To Be 2 audio iTunes 2013 Studio One
10 Sugar & Spice / Mr. Chauffer 2 audio iTunes Not On Label
11 Don't Care What The People Say / Tighten Up 2 audio iTunes 1966 Studio One
12 Baby Come On Home 2 audio iTunes 1966 Doctor Bird
13 That Ain't Right / One More Chance 2 audio iTunes 2013
14 Something Special / La-la Lover 2 audio iTunes Coxsone Records
15 Let It Be 2 audio iTunes 1970 Upsetter
16 Hey Senorita / Spring Is Coming On 2 audio iTunes 2013 Studio One
17 Rub And Squeeze / Here Comes The Mink 2 audio iTunes Not On Label
18 You're Crummy / You're My Desire 2 audio iTunes Justice (2)
19 Pity The Fool / One More Chance 2 audio iTunes 2013 Studio One
20 Play, Play, Play / Bend Down Low 2 audio iTunes Wail 'N Soul 'M
21 Pressure And Slide / Oppertunity 2 audio iTunes Studio One
22 Let It Be 4 audio iTunes 1970 Upsetter (2)
23 I Love You Baby / Instrumental 2 audio iTunes Studio One
24 One More Chance 2 audio iTunes 1964 Studio One

Vocal trio, which comprised of [a=Rita Marley], her school days friend [a=Marlene Gifford] and her cousin [a=Constantine 'Vision' Walker]. One day Rita found out that [a=Wailers, The] always passed by their house everyday. She decided to talk to them and when they passed by the next time, they sung "What's Your Name" by [a=Sam & Dave]. [a=Peter Tosh] invited them afterwards to come to the studio. In 1964 The Soulettes began recording for [a=Clement "Coxsone" Dodd] at [l=Studio One], for example "Friends And Lovers" with [a=Peter Tosh] and [a=Bunny Wailer] as backing vocals. " [a=Bob Marley] assists Coxson Dodd by auditioning and coaching new singers, including the before unnamed group called the Soulettes, who reminded him on [l=Motown]'s [a=Marvelettes, The]. Rita Anderson of that trio pairs with Bob on a duet called "Oh My Darling." They make occasional stage show appearances, but concentrate primarily on daily rehearsals to polish their sound, influenced in particular by the harmonic style of [a=Impressions, The]. From 1965 till the early 70ies, they also worked with [a=Lee Perry], getting distributed in the UK as well.The group had lost an original member, so [a=Nora Dean] joined Rita and [a=Cecile Campbell]. They released just a hand full of releases in the period 1968- 1970 and half of those only being released in Jamaica. Regrettably, as the group was about to tour Canada in support of their hit, "Let It Be", Nora was taken ill and had to be replaced by [a=Hortense Lewis].In 1969 the lineup was revised: Rita Marley, Hortense Lewis and Cecile Campbell. In 1970 they released an LP called "Jamaica Magic" with the mento singer Lloyd Wilks. The LP includes tracks include 4 familiar mento selections (like [r=1324786]), plus 8 originals written by Cornel Lumiere. The music is best described as easy listening as played by a jazz combo. The last recording found in the web is based in 1973.

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