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Jim White (2)

Jim White

Также известно как: J. White, Jim, White

Дискография Jim White (2):

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 You Follow Me 10 audio iTunes 2007 FatCat Records
2 You Follow Me 10 audio iTunes 2007-05-28 FatCat Records
3 You Follow Me 10 audio iTunes 2007 FatCat Records

Drummer from Melbourne (Australia). 1980-1981: Happy Orphans (with [a=Conway Savage]) 1981-1983: People With Chairs Up Their Noses 1982-1986: Feral Dinosaurs ([a=Conway Savage]) 1984-1984: Brainshack 1985-1996: [a=Venom P. Stinger] 1988-1989: Hessian Sax 1989-1989: [a=Conway Savage] And The Deep South 1992-1993: [a=Blackeyed Susans] 1992-1992: Busload Of Faith 1992-1994: [a=Kim Salmon]'s STM 1992-present: [a=Dirty Three] 1993-present: Charles Marshall And The Body Electric Jim has lived at least part-time in Chicago, IL since the late 1990's, and has done much session playing, including records or tours with Will Oldham, [a=Cat Power], Nina Nastasia, [a=Smog], and [a=White Magic]. He is also a member of Tren Brothers (with [a=Dirty Three] guitarist Mick Turner) and [a=Boxhead Ensemble], Not to be confused with the Americana singer/songwriter [a=Jim White], who does not typically play drums.

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