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Seppo Hovi

Seppo Johan Hovi

Также известно как: Hovi, S. Hovi, Seppo

Дискография Seppo Hovi:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Sinut Jälleen Kun Kohtaan 2 audio iTunes 1970 Columbia
2 Laulunlyömät 16 audio iTunes 1987 Scandia
3 Jänikset Maailmankartalle! 18 audio iTunes 1977 Love Records (4)
4 Hammond Alive Going Rock And Roll 12 audio iTunes 1974 Midnight (3)
5 Jänikset Maailmankartalle! 18 audio iTunes 2001 Love Records (4)

Born on November 29th, 1946 in Helsinki, Finland. A Finnish pianist, conductor and a TV-show host. Seppo Hovi started his career very young in the late 1960's, he played piano in several radio programs. After that he has been working together with several Finnish artists, for example with [a=Danny (13)] and [a=Kirka]. He also worked as a teacher for 13 years. Nowadays he mostly works as a conductor, the music ranges from opera to swing. He also often works together with [a=Jaakko Ryhänen]. He has been involved in several music related shows in the Finnish TV, including Tenavatähti and BumtsiBum.

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