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Epoch (2)


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Дискография Epoch (2):

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Construction No. 008 14 audio iTunes 1995
2 Factory 6 audio iTunes 1993 Arts Industria
3 Purity & Revolution 9 audio iTunes 2013-04-17 Carbon 12 Records
4 Construction No. 008 14 audio iTunes 2012 VUZ Records
5 Purity & Revolution 9 audio iTunes 2013-04-17 Carbon 12 Records
6 [R]evolution 9 audio iTunes 2013-10-31 Carbon 12 Records
7 Volutio 4 audio iTunes 2013-11-01 Bastet's Kitten
8 Sanctimonium 8 audio iTunes 2014-03-22 Carbon 12 Records

Epoch's very name reflects the word's definition and believes the world is in a monumental crisis state - a state that will be viewed in the years ahead as a pivotal point in time. Of course, every generation believes their time and space is the most important - so much so, that the next generation suffers for it. Reflecting the current global economic, cultural and social crises, and the methods by which both are intertwined, Epoch uses its music to expose the machinations of the extremism of all points of view present in our current time. However, Epoch recognizes that despite the advancement of time, time has stood still, or maybe has even reversed. Art as politics and as in Epoch's case, music as politics has become the voice of the disenfranchised and those who find themselves as expatriate, even if they are still in their homeland. But as transnational workforces have become the norm in world corporacy, we are all expatriates. Originally appearing as one of the first Arts Industria releases on cassette in 1993 and later on the VUZ records (Duisburg, Germany) split CD in 1995, Epoch has returned after a long hiatus with more martial-driven industrial, in an era when we need it the most. While owing to such genres as martial industrial, EBM, neo-folk, techno and other intertwined aspects of industrial music culture, Epoch manages to work bits and pieces into a cohesive sound with underlying politics. And although the martial genre hasn't really penetrated American musical subculture, the growing awakening of US citizens to their own political system and the American affect on the rest of the world makes Epoch's re-appearance in the US all that more timely. Epoch's music contains many historical samples that illustrate how the current state of the world has been in development since the turn of the century and continues to be manipulated by the powers in control. Epoch is revolting against the machine here in a decidedly nationalistic tone, but exactly what national entity they are promoting is unclear. The music and message is left to the listener's interpretation. The songs are vaguely classical at times, martial in nature, yet they seem to use their hard-line overtones to give rise to a nation of people that do not yet exist. Is Epoch trying to awake the masses, or point out our flaws?

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