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Pentti Glan

Pentti Glan

Также известно как: Glan, P. Clan, P. Glan, Penti 'Whitey' Glan, Penti (Whitey) Glan, Penti (Whittey) Glan, Penti Glenn, Penti Whitey Glann, Pentii Glan, Pentii Glenn, Pentti "Whitey" Glan, Pentti (Whitey) Glan, Pentti J. Glan, Whitey Glan

Дискография Pentti Glan:

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aka Pentti "Whitey" Glan. Finnish drummer, most known for his session work with [a=Alice Cooper (2)]. Started out in the 1960s with The Rogues, who later became [a=Mandala (11)]. In 1971 he formed [a=Bush (7)] with Mandala bandmates [a=Domenic Troiano], [a=Roy Kenner] and [a=Hugh Sullivan]. They released a self-titled album and toured with [a=Steppenwolf] and broke-up after. After that he became a session drummer playing with Steppenwolf’s [a=John Kay], [a=Lou Reed] and [a=Alice Cooper (2)]. He also appeared in the [a=Bette Midler] movie The Rose as the drummer of The Rose Band.

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