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Marco Zappala

Группа в интернете: http://soundcloud.com/marcozappala, http://soundcloud.com/marcozappalamusic, http://www.beatport.com/artist/marco-zappala/22836

Дискография Marco Zappala:

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Brazilian Music Producer, Remixer, Mixing Engineer, Composer and Professor (has been working since 2003 as a professor in two Brazilian Universities, teaching computer music, MIDI and sound design techniques). Started as a Dj in 1983, playing until 2001, working (in the past) in some of the best Rio de Janeiro's nightclubs like: R-9, Resumo da Ópera, Meio Ambiente Dancing, etc...).In 1994 started to work on Brazilian Record Labels as Electronic Dance Music promoter, listening and choosing tracks to compile CDs and DJ promos, to promote them (EMI Music, Warner Music Brazil - EastWest Division, Sony Music Brazil, Max Music Brazil and BMG Brazil). As a Music Producer and Remixer, has been working since 1995 making remixes and music productions for Brazilian and International Record Labels (as Crossback Records, Deep Sound, Accidental Music, Warner Music, Votu Productions, Radikal Records, Clubland Records, Houseworks, etc...). Highlights productions: - Jody Watley - Makeover International Edition CD ("A Little Respect" and "Looking For a New Love" - 2009 / Avitone Records USA); - Schiller mit Heppner – I Feel You (2005 / Radikal Records USA - #5 BILLBOARD Hot Dance Music - CLUB PLAY - JUNE. 08,2005); - Jody Watley – Borderline – 2006/2007 (Peace Biscuit Records - #2 BILLBOARD CLUB PLAY - JAN. 13,2007; - Marco Zappala feat. Cláudio Pinheiro – Wherever You Go (2009 / DeepSound Records) - 2009 Best Provincial Dance Song - Montreal and Quebec / Canadá. - Marco Zappala & Shantal Maure - I'm on My Way (2012 / Crossback Records UK)

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