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Head West

Также известно как: Head-West
Члены группы Head West: Bob Welch, Henry Moore (2), Robert Hunt

Дискография Head West:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Victoria 2 audio iTunes 1970 Vogue Schallplatten
2 Victoria 2 audio iTunes 1969 Pop Music (2)
3 Bob Welch With Head West 12 audio iTunes Vogue

All the musicians came from [a=Seven Souls, The], but you could hardly say, Head West was a successor of this band, as the style was very different. Bob Welch became famous with [a=Fleetwood Mac] after this Head West period, nevertheless the band and their only album left overlooked till today. Bob Welch: Guitars, Bass, Vocals Henry Moore: Drums, Percussion, Vocals Robert Hunt: Organ, Vocals

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