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Fusion (10)

Члены группы Fusion (10): Bernd Swoboda, Charlie Eitner, Claus-Dieter Knispel, Detlev Kessler, Gerhard Eitner, Max Pflugbeil, Signor Rotbarth, Volker Schlott, Wolfgang Fiedler
Группа в интернете: http://www.w-fiedler.de/fusion/

Дискография Fusion (10):

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FUSION was formed in 1977 by [a=Wolfgang Fiedler] as a small big-band comprised of mainly young East-Berlin musicians. FUSION mixed various styles - be it rock, pop, traditional jazz or free jazz. They were often invited to festivals and conducted extensive tours throughout Eastern Europe. Their last concert was in 1986 at the East-Berlin Jazz-Festival. In 2003 one of the active and founding members of FUSION, [a=Volker Schlott], dug out some of Wolfgang Fiedler‘s best arrangements and put together a surprise FUSION ensemble, F–BO (FUSION - BIRTHDAY ORCHESTRA), in celebration of Fiedler‘s 50th birthday. What was intended to be a one time short reminiscence of old times, led to concerts at jazz festivals and this in turn has evolved into ~TEMP. In November 2013, on the occasion of Wolfgang Fiedler's 60th birthday, Volker Schlott put together a new 10 piece FUSION band.

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