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Metro Voices

Также известно как: Jenny O'Grady And The Metro Voices, London Metro Voices, Metro Singers, Metro Voices, England, Metro Voices, The, Metropolitan Voices
Члены группы Metro Voices: Abbie Osmon, Alexandra Gibson, Alice Fearn, Andrew Busher, Ann De Renais, Ben Fleetwood Smyth, Catherine Bott, Claire Henry, David Porter-Thomas, Elizabeth Wiesberg, Emma Brain Gabbot, Gerard O'Beirne, Grace Davidson, Helen Brooks, Jacqueline Barron, Jenny O'Grady, Joanna Forbes, Lawrence Wallington, Lindsay Ashworth, Mary Carewe, Michael Clarke (2), Michael Dore, Morag MacKay, Nicki Kennedy, Paul Grier, Peter Snipp, Rosemary Butler, Soophia Foroughi, Thomas Spencer Wortley, Tom Bullard, Tom Pearce, Vanessa Heine, Yona Dunsford
Группа в интернете: http://www.metrovoices.co.uk/, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metro_Voices

Дискография Metro Voices:

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London choir group formed by [a=Jenny O'Grady] in 1995 to provide soloists and groups for concerts, recordings and films both nationally and internationally. They work closely with [url=http://www.discogs.com/artist/London+Philharmonic+Orchestra%2C+The]The London Philharmonic Orchestra[/url] and with acclaimed British composer [a=Craig Armstrong]. The choir has quickly become recognised as one of the most flexible and accomplished singing groups currently available to music and film producers and perform many styles ranging from mediaeval to heavy metal. Performers are specifically chosen for each project drawn from a select group of international talent, creating an ensemble which is unique for each occasion. Over the years, Metro Voices has built up a database in excess of 1,000 singers from the world of Rock, Pop, Opera and Musical Theatre. In the midst of this diversity, what all members have in common is the ability to sing and sight-read to an exceptionally high standard. Recognised soloists from each of these genres regularly provide vocals for Metro Voices projects and membership of the group increases regularly via a very strict audition process that has been designed to ensure and maintain the highest standards. To date Metro Voices has provided vocals for more than 100 major feature films, a similar number of recordings and soundtracks and countless adverts, jingles and live performances.

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