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Weldon Arthur McDougal III

Weldon Arthur McDougal

Также известно как: McDougal, McDougall, W. McDougal, W. McDougal III, Weldon A. McDougal, Weldon A. McDougal 3, Weldon A. McDougal III, Weldon A. McDougal, III, Weldon A. McDougall III, Weldon Arthur McDougal, Weldon Arthur McDougal, III, Weldon C. McDougal, Weldon Mc Dougal, Weldon McDougal, Weldon McDougal 3rd, Weldon McDougal III, Weldon McDougle

Дискография Weldon Arthur McDougal III:

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Singer, producer and Co-founder of Harthon Records, died 21-Oct-2010 at the age of 74 years old.

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