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Члены группы Parafünk: Alberto Bosch, Javier Vicente Calderón, Mikel Abrego, Mikel Azpiroz

Дискография Parafünk:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Prologo 5 audio iTunes 1996 Novophonic
2 Parafünk 15 audio iTunes 1993 La Fabrica Magnetica
3 Epïlogo 13 audio iTunes 1997 Novophonic
4 Parafünk 17 audio iTunes 1993 La Fabrica Magnetica

Parafünk was a electronic band founded by [a=Javi P3Z] in the early nineties as a solo project. After its first three releases ([m=330104], 1993; [r=161316], 1996 and [r=2119983], 1997) the project become a band with the incorporation of different Basque musicians as [a=Mikel Abrego] (drums), [a=Mikel Azpiroz] (keyboards) and [a=Alberto Bosch] (bass), in 1996/97. This formation recorded the last release of the band, [r=2771063] (1997)

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