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Freddy Hansson

Также известно как: Dominique Freddy Hansson, F. Hansson, F.Hansson, Freddie Hansson, Freddy, Freddy "Sweet Silence" Hansson, Freddy (Sweet Silence) Hansson, Freddy Enok Hansson, Freddy Hansen, Freddy Hanson, Hansson

Дискография Freddy Hansson:

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Danish producer and engineer, b. 1941. Started recording career as assistant to [a=Ivar Rosenberg] at [l=Rosenberg Studio]. Founded [l=Sweet Silence Studios] in 1976, one of the most modern and important studios in Denmark of the era. Worked with [a=T. Rex] and for 8 years with [a=Gasolin']. Father of producer, engineer [a=Flemming Hansson]

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