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Члены группы Mindjive: Christian Gabel, Erik Engström, Magnus Zotterman, Mattias Bärjed, Tobias Danielsson

Дискография Mindjive:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Chemicals 12 audio iTunes 1996-02-26 Burning Heart Records
2 Green Grass 4 audio iTunes 1993-06-01 Burning Heart Records
3 Mindjive 6 audio iTunes 1995-06-01 Burning Heart Records

Mindjive was formed in the spring of -92 by Christian, Tobbe, Magnus and Erik. The first recording was a demotape that somehow made it's way to Burning Heart Records, that really liked what they heard. All this resulted in the recording of a 4-track debutsingle, entitled "Green Grass", and was released in the autumn of -93. In october -94, the second single from the band was released, this time untitled. During the spring of -95 the guitar spot was taken over from Erik by Mattias Börjed, giving the band a rawer yet broader sound. The addition of axeman Mattias, and an intense studio session with Pelle Saether in Studio Underground resulted in the first full length album, called "Chemicals". The album took the sound towards the likes of Beastie Boys and Digable Planets, but influences from the 70's and 80's disco music could also be heard in Mindjive's sound. The band split up in 1997. Members: Mattias Bärjed (Guitar) Christian Gabel (Drums) Tobias Danielsson (Vocals) Magnus Zotterman (Bass)

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