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Robert Weston

Robert Spurr Weston IV

Также известно как: B.W., Blobert Weston, Bob, Bob "Rusty" Weston, Bob Weston, Bobbi Weston, BW, R. "Spurr" Weston the IV., R.Weston, Rob't Weston, Rob't. Weston, Robert "Rusty Bucket" Spurr Weston IV, Robert S Weston IV, Robert S. Weston IV, Robert Spurr Weston IV, Robert Weston III, Robert Weston IV, ROBT. "Jellybean" Weston, Robt. Weston, Robt. Weston IV, W III, Weston, Westy

Дискография Robert Weston:

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Robert Weston, often credited as Bob Weston, is an American musician, producer, recording engineer, and record mastering engineer. In 1987 Weston joined The [a=Volcano Suns], playing bass guitar. Weston joined [a=Steve Albini] and [a=Todd Trainer] in [a=Shellac] in 1991. Under Albini, Weston honed his studio production skills and has gone on to record and mix material for bands including [a=Sebadoh], [a=June Of 44], [a=Polvo], amongst others. Weston was also Albini's Assistant Engineer on [a=Nirvana]'s In Utero album. In 2002, Weston joined the reunited [a=Mission Of Burma], taking the place of Martin Swope as tape manipulator and live engineer for the band. In early 2007, Weston opened [l=Chicago Mastering Service] with [a=Jason Ward] on Chicago's west side. An etched series of numbers identifies the date the master lacquer was cut. e.g. 080929 - Sep 29, 08

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