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Nick Didia

Также известно как: Mick "The Pig" Didia, Mick (The Pig) Didia, Nick, Nick "Danger" Didia, Nick "The Pig" Di Dia, Nick "The Pig" Didia, Nick 'The Pig' Didia, Nick Di Dia, Nick DiDia, Nicolas DiDia, Nique DiDia

Дискография Nick Didia:

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Nick DiDia is an American record producer mostly known for his work with Australian rock group [a=Powderfinger] and American pop-rock group [a=Nine Days]. Prolific in the rock music genre, DiDia has also worked as a sound engineer and co-producer for several artists including [a=Pearl Jam], [a=King's X], [a=Neil Young], [a=Rose Hill Drive], [a=Local H], [a=Papa Roach], [a=Incubus (2)], [a=Nightwatchman, The], [a=Bruce Springsteen], [a=Velvet Revolver], [a=Mastodon], [a=Michelle Malone], [a=Train (2)] and the [a=Stone Temple Pilots]. DiDia has often collaborated with fellow record producer [a=Brendan O'Brien].

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