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Edmundo Ros

Edmundo William Ros

Также известно как: Edmundo Ros Und Sein Orchester, Edmundo Ross, Rios, Ros, Ross
Группа в интернете: http://www.edmundoros.com/, http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edmundo_Ros

Дискография Edmundo Ros:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Nothing But Aces / Latin Melodies Old And New 24 audio iTunes 2003 Vocalion
2 Fire & Frenzy 12 audio iTunes 1960 London Records
3 Swing Vs. Latin 11 audio iTunes 1964 London Records
4 Swing Vs. Latin 11 audio iTunes Memoir Records
5 Swing Meets Latin 11 audio iTunes 1964 Decca
6 The Carnation Girl 2 audio iTunes Decca
7 Edmundo Ros 4 audio iTunes
8 The Latin World Of Edmundo Ros Vol. 1 12 audio iTunes 1970 Decca
9 Caterina Valente Com Edmundo Ros 12 audio iTunes 1964 London Records
10 Celebration 20 audio iTunes 1990 Decca Eclipse
11 Ros En Broadway 4 audio iTunes 1959 Decca
12 Sing And Dance With Edmundo Ros 14 audio iTunes Decca
13 Sing And Dance With Edmundo Ros 16 audio iTunes 1963 Decca
14 Swing Meets Latin 11 audio iTunes 1963 Decca
15 Samba Samba 25 audio iTunes 2009
16 Caterina Valente - Silvio Francesco - Edmundo Ros 12 audio iTunes
17 Saudades Da Bahia / Ba 2 audio iTunes 1961 Decca
18 Brasil 12 audio iTunes 1969
19 The Early Years 39 audio iTunes 1979 Decca
20 It's Illegal, It's Immoral Or It Makes You Fat! 25 audio iTunes 2001
21 Spezial-Cocktail 4 audio iTunes Decca
22 Unsere Tanzparty Nr. 6 4 audio iTunes Decca
23 Latin Love-In 10 audio iTunes Pickwick/33 Records
24 Edmundo Ros In Concert 14 audio iTunes 1972 London Records
25 Edmundo Ros En Directo 14 audio iTunes 1974 Decca
26 Bongos From The South 12 audio iTunes Swan Records (8)
27 Latin Carnival 10 audio iTunes Richmond
28 Swing Vs. Latin 11 audio iTunes 1964 London Records
29 Edmundo Ros In Concert 14 audio iTunes 1972 The Decca Record Company Limited
30 Magnificent Music 35 audio iTunes Decca
31 The Latin World Of Edmundo Ros Vol. 1 12 audio iTunes 1970 Decca

British orchestra conductor. Born: December 7, 1910 in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Died: October 21, 2011 in Alicante, Spain Edmundo Ros was born in Trinidad in December 1910. The family moved to Caracas, Venezuela. Edmundo's musical career started in the army, then he became the tympanist in the Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela. He moved to London in 1937 to continue classical studies, but popular music was to become his career. He played drums in the Fats Waller recordings, played percussion and sang in Don Marino Barreto's Cuban band and formed his five-piece Rumba Band in 1940, and the rest is history. Edmundo's Rumba Band with strange rhythms was a smash hit in London, although the Nazi bomb almost hit the club. His first recording for Parlophone was Record of the Month in June 1941 (Harlequin HQ CD 15). The contract with the famed Bagatelle Restaurant opened the doors for Ros to high society. All the leaders of Allied Countries and the Royal Family came there to dine and listen to Edmundo's Rumba Band. In 1951 Edmundo bought the famous Coconut Grove and named it "Edmundo Ros Dinner and Supper Club". Only those mentioned in "Who's Who" were allowed in the club. The Club was world famous and the BBC had regular raio broadcasts there. In the late 1950's Ros got a smart idea of recording Broadway musical melodies arranged to different Latin rhythms: the mambo, cha cha cha, rumba, samba, baion, bolero, valse creole, meringe, guaracha, and the conga. He also made a series of TV shows for the US and European markets. The 1960's was the the peak of Edmundo Ros' popularity and commercial success. Edmundo retired in 1975 and has lived with his wife Susan in Alicante, Spain since then. In 1994 Edmundo conducted and sang with the BBC Big Band with Strings at The Queen Elizabeth Hall in London. The other conductor was Stanley Black. The concert was broadcast over BBC Radio 2 and it was such a success that a Japanese recording company invited them into a recording studio in London to make yet another Edmundo Ros CD.

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