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Det Glade Vanvidd

Члены группы Det Glade Vanvidd: Harald A Nissen, Magne Njåstad, Oddvar Njåstad, Roger Aasegg, Viggo Mastad
Группа в интернете: http://www.ballade.no/nmi.nsf/doc/art2006050411345555140764

Дискография Det Glade Vanvidd:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Surfin Beirut 2 audio iTunes 1988 Knallsyndikatet
2 The Rest Of Det Glade Vanvidd (1984 - 1989) 20 audio iTunes 2006 Indeterminant Music
3 Meat 12 audio iTunes 1986
4 Yalleheim (Live I Leangen Jernbanetunnel) 5 audio iTunes 1986

Experimental, chaotic, humorous and arty post-punk band formed in 1984 from the UFFA-squat in Trondheim, Norway. Influenced by artist such as the Residents, Det Elektriske Kjøkken, Scratch Acid and Knutsen & Ludvigsen, playing a wide array of instruments and styles (such as hardcore punk, folk, noise and sludge metal) in their own dilettantish way. Changed their name to Shakespeare in the Bush in 1989. From their English info sheet following the cd release "English for beginners: DGV hit the stages in 1984 (sometimes also hitting the audience) and lived a 5-year life of aggression, noise and silliness both live and in the studio. Inspired by punk rock (you don´t have to be a great musician to play great music) and The Residents (you don´t have to play punk-rock just because you don´t know how to play), the band started from scratch and ran in all directions at once. The concerts were a mix of visuals (films/sculptures/paintings etc.) and a band not necessarily being able to play their own music, which often would lead to desperate measures to compensate. In the studio, the approach was different – a mixture of carefully planned cut & paste, and improvising around somewhat sketchy structures of songs. The band produced a series of tapes and a couple of singles in the years 1986-89, and also participated in a number of collections. By the late 80´s, the band realized they knew how to play their instruments rather well, and did the only honourable thing: They quit." Released quite a few cassettes, compilations, and one 7 inch. Released a second 7" under the name "Shakespear In The Bush". Some of their material was collected on the Cd “The Rest of det Glade Vanvidd 1984-1989” (2005). Associated acts: Angor Wat, Israelvis, Pontiac Pilatus, Albino Slug, the Four & Wolfdate

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