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Arbete Och Fritid

Также известно как: A&F, Arbete & Fritid, Arbete Å Fritid
Члены группы Arbete Och Fritid: Bengt Berger, Bosse Skoglund, Kjell Westling, Ove Karlsson, Roland Keijser, Thomas Gartz, Torbjörn Abelli, Tord Bengtsson, Torsten Eckerman, Ulf Lauthers

Дискография Arbete Och Fritid:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Slottsbergets Hambo Å Andra Valser 20 audio iTunes 2005 MNW Resonans
2 Arbete Och Fritid 10 audio iTunes 1973 MNW
3 Käringtand 15 audio iTunes 1976 YTF
4 Håll Andan 7 audio iTunes 1979 MNW
5 … Sen Dansar Vi Ut 18 audio iTunes 1977 Hurv
6 Slottsbergets Hambo Å Andra Valser 18 audio iTunes 1972 MNW
7 Deep Woods 16 audio iTunes 1993 Resource Records (3)
8 Sweden Radio Toukraft 1979 2 audio iTunes Not On Label

Swedish new-music, folk, jazz and rock group of the 1970's. Arbete Och Fritid means Work And Play. They were an extremely influential and seminal band, a meeting ground for musicians from many other bands before and after, especially as a link between Harvester and Archimedes Badkar. Early recordings cross-bred traditional Swedish folk themes with systemic and contemporary styles, with vaguely rock rhythms and jazz instruments. They were never easy to classify, running through many styles, encompassing melody, fury and dissonance, through to almost straight folk, and all other bases. They also recorded albums with other musicians, sometimes in collaboration or just as the backing band, played at folk, jazz and rock festivals. Their final album Håll Andan "Keep the spirit" from 1979 was a no-holds-barred exploration in innovation, pushing the envolope in a manner similar to the German band Faust. All the musicians in Arbete Och Fritid have gone onto other projects, many still active 30+ years on.

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