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Funeral Mist

Члены группы Funeral Mist: Daniel Rosten, Nachash, Tore Stjerna, Typhos, Velion, Vintras
Группа в интернете: http://www.funeralmist.se

Дискография Funeral Mist:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Salvation 10 audio iTunes 2003-09-23 Norma Evangelium Diaboli
2 Salvation 10 audio iTunes 2003-06-00 Norma Evangelium Diaboli
3 Devilry 6 audio iTunes 1999 Shadow Records (2)
4 Havoc Demo II '96 4 audio iTunes 1996 Pounding Metal Productions
5 Devilry 11 audio iTunes 2005-05-10 Norma Evangelium Diaboli
6 Devilry 12 audio iTunes 2005-10-17 Norma Evangelium Diaboli
7 Devilry 5 audio iTunes 1998-07-30 Shadow Records (2)
8 Maranatha 8 audio iTunes 2009-02-23 Norma Evangelium Diaboli
9 Maranatha 8 audio iTunes 2009-02-23 Norma Evangelium Diaboli
10 Salvation 10 audio iTunes 2012-09-11 Season Of Mist
11 Devilry 10 audio iTunes 2012-09-11 Season Of Mist
12 Devilry 11 audio iTunes Norma Evangelium Diaboli
13 Trisagion 32 audio iTunes 2013 Norma Evangelium Diaboli
14 Maranatha 8 audio iTunes 2013 Season Of Mist

Funeral Mist was formed in Sweden in 1993 by Velion (drums), Vintras (guitar), Arioch (Bass) and Typhos (guitar, vocals). They recorded their first demo, "Darkness", in 1995. During 1995 and 1996 all the members except Arioch left the band or were kicked out. In 1996 Arioch recorded the second demo titled "Havoc", now handling also the guitars and vocals, drums were played by Necromorbus. In 1998 they released their Mini-LP titled "Devilry". After that release Nachash was added to the line-up to handle the bass. In 2003 they released their first full-length album, "Salvation".

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