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Michael Nehrig

Michael Nehrig

Также известно как: M. Nehrig, M. Nehring, Michael "DJ Tyson" Nehrig, Michael N., Michael Nehring, Michel Nehring, Nehrig

Дискография Michael Nehrig:

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Michael Nehrig is a german DJ that was born in 1970 in Krefeld. In 1996 he met [a=Jan Vervloet] and they decided to produce along. In 1998 the success comes for the 2 artists, with the single "Celebrate". The single enters in several european charts (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium...). The album Supernova is released just after it, and gets a good success. During the next 2 years [a=Kosmonova] doesn't release anything. In 2000 the compilation Acid Folf is out, plus some different remixes the same year; 2 singles are then released, Danse Avec Moi and Discover The World, that are very successful, in clubs and in charts. Later Kosmonova works with [a=Sascha Van Holt] for 2 singles, The Daydream (2001) and Sometimes (2002).

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