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Doris Alloy

Группа в интернете: http://www.dorisalloy.co.uk, http://www.musivine.com/thedorisalloysound, http://www.myspace.com/dorisalloy

Дискография Doris Alloy:

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DORIS ALLOY began experiments in 1995 with a Sampler, a 4-Track recorder and Synth. Backward tapes. Occasional sampled voice. Drones. An early track (82 Eridani + Zeta Reticuli - edit) was included on the 1996 Spliff Tapes compilation 'Sensible People Live In Free Fish Tanks 4'. A series of DIY cassette EPs followed (The Unpopular EP, The Lure Of Space, In Discordance With Doris, Old Wounds Torn Open, Doris Alloy, Devastation This Way, The Winter Collection, New Styles). A Drum Machine joined the line-up and the beats became harder and faster. Original 1997 recording of Robots Rock released on In Yer Face Sampler 'And Then Some' in '98. Doris Alloy also recorded as part of 3-piece bedroom-studio artists Peter, Paul And Doris from '95 to '97 (w/ Pauly Wauly and Andy D). Recorded London Broil And Potatoes with producer Dave Ball (The Grid/Soft Cell) in '98. The track was eventually released in 2003 as the opening track on the Matthew Glamorre-compiled Kashpoint CD. Doris Alloy reluctantly participated in a video for the recording. Channel Five show UK Raw did a feature on the making of the video and The Offset, Glamorre's gang of fashion, music and artist hoodlums. Debut 6-track CD titled Doris Alloy was recorded in the late autumn of 1998 nocturnally in a small eight track studio situated in the middle of a field of cows in Bedford. This included 3 instrumental and 3 vocal tracks; Frozen, Radical Chic, Razor Fish, Flanking The Tide and Lonely Rooms That Lock You In, as well as a self-produced version of London Broil And Potatoes. The CD was favourably received by some and totally over-looked by others. One review suggested Doris Alloy was almost good enough to have been signed by 4AD in 1980. The follow-up CD Nattercan released in '99 featured the digitally recorded Better, Stronger, Faster (which combined the themes to TV series The Six Million Dollar Man and Charlie's Angels), and the low-budget Apoptotic, Samizdat, Nattercan, Something Futuristic and She Was Radioactive. Third CD collection Metal For Robots in 2001 was of final studio recordings inc. Sex Somewhere, Deathcentric, Pornographonic, Pedestrian Rage, Latitude 50 / I Just Want That Doris, Metal For Robots, Jaunt and What You Think You Think Is Real. An enthusiastic reviewer raved that 'Doris Alloy is worth a 1,000 mini-moogs'. During the six years Doris Alloy was recording he amassed an enormous catalogue of material. Some tracks were lost or recorded over when tape space became scarce but over 150 recordings have survived. From self-indulgent wonky beginnings to tight dramatic thematic instrumentals and songs; always original, unique, challenging, authentic and synthetic. Retired 2001 for a life less synthetic.

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