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Члены группы Doraz: Bent Malinovsky, Henrik Littauer, Holger Kølle, Peter Viskinde

Дискография Doraz:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Doraz 11 audio iTunes 1982 Front Records (3)
2 Savner En Som Dig 2 audio iTunes 1984 EMI
3 Tourist 11 audio iTunes 1984 EMI
4 Mere Frugt... 10 audio iTunes 1989 Olafssongs
5 Jeg Må Se Dig Igen 2 audio iTunes 1984 EMI

Short life danish 80's rock band. Originally named Dora's Deluxe the band was founded in December 1980 as a part-time band. In 1982 the band changed to the name Doraz, as [a=Peter Viskinde] and [a=Henrik Littauer] left their prime band [a=Malurt], after disagreements with leader [a=Michael Falch]. The drummer [a=Hans Rørdam] was replaced by [a=Holger Kølle] and the band recorded their sole and selftitled debut album. The year after they recorded "Sig Farvel" and later that year Holger Kølle and [a=Bent Malinovsky] were raplaced by [a=Terje Barnholdt], [a=Joachim Ussing] and [a=Simon Harder]. In 84 after releasing "Tourist" [a=Peter Hansen] replaces Joachim Ussing as the bands third bass-player and they prepare recordings, but before finishing the album, the band splits up. Doraz was reunited in 1988 and released the album "Mere Frugt" before splitting up again. Line-up: Peter Viskinde (vocals & guitar), Simon Harder (guitar), Joachim Ussing (bass), Terje Barnholdt (drums) & Henrik Littauer (keyboards).

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