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Harvest Rain

Jason Thompkins, Jamey Thompkins, Christopher Melh

Также известно как: Harvest
Члены группы Harvest Rain: Jamey Thompkins
Группа в интернете: http://cainriver13.tripod.com/harvestrain/index.html, http://www.myspace.com/harvestrain13, http://www.facebook.com/Harvest.Rain13?fref=ts

Дискография Harvest Rain:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 A Frost Comes With The Wind 5 audio iTunes 2002 OPN
2 Evening And Devotion 4 audio iTunes 2004 OPN
3 Night Chorus 16 audio iTunes 2005-04-27 OPN
4 Songs From Evening 14 audio iTunes 2005-02-01 War Office Propaganda
5 Night's Glow 11 audio iTunes 2006-01-22 War Office Propaganda
6 Evening And Devotion 10 audio iTunes 2005 OPN
7 Blood Hymns 14 audio iTunes 2007-01-05 OPN
8 Night Chorus 15 audio iTunes 2005 OPN
9 The Evening And Devotion EP 13 audio iTunes 2008 Not On Label
10 The Land Of Tears Is So Mysterious 11 audio iTunes 2010-10-00 Collapsar Records
11 Security Of Ignorance 13 audio iTunes 2002 Thaglasz

From the depths of South Carolina's murky swamps [b]Jason[/b] and [b]Jamey Thompkins[/b] started playing essentially death-rock and batcave rhymes. Joined by [b]Christopher Melh[/b] in the mid-90s, the newly-founded trio released a bunch of tapes and cd-rs along with participations to famous samplers under the Harvest Rain moniker, mixing dark-folk tunes ala [a=Death In June] with more ethereal soundscapes reminiscent of [a=Joy Division]'s atmospheres. The lyrics are poetical, dealing with ghost stories and legends from South carolina and Europe. Following one mcd (with [a=Matt Howden] of [a=Sol Invictus] fame) and one 7" vinyl ep their first real album, [r=447679], was released in 2005 by french label [l=OPN] and see the collaboration of people like [a=Tor Lundvall] or [a=Axel Frank] of [a=Werkraum].

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