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Kevin Tomkins, Paul Taylor, Gary Kean, Jamie Hitchens, and Mike Alexander

Члены группы Bodychoke: Gary Kean, Jamie Hitchens, Kevin Tomkins, Manu Ros, Mike Alexander (2), Paul Taylor (6)

Дискография Bodychoke:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Mindshaft 8 audio iTunes 1994-12-15 Freek Records
2 Five Prostitutes 14 audio iTunes 1996-07-08 Freek Records
3 Cold River Songs 6 audio iTunes 1998 Purity
4 Completion 12 audio iTunes 2004 2nd Floor Mafia Productions
5 Cold River Songs 9 audio iTunes 2009-02-02 Relapse Records

Dark, violent and intense "rock" based material, Bodychoke defied categorisation. Formed in 1993 and disbanded in 1999 Bodychoke released a total of four albums. Bodychoke performed selected live performances in the UK 1993-1998.

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