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Sandra Chambers

Sandra Chambers

Также известно как: Chambers, Chambers S., S. Carlsson, S. Chambers, S. Chanbers, S.Chambers, S.Chanbers, Sandra Chambres, Sandy, Sandy C.
Группа в интернете: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandra_Chambers, http://www.eurokdj.com/search/eurodb.php?name=Chambers_Sandra

Дискография Sandra Chambers:

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The talented Sandra "[a=Sandy]" Chambers, born in the United Kingdom, was one of the greatest voices of Eurodance in the 90's, although her voice was often lipsynced by models or uncredited. She first joined the [l=DWA (Dance World Attack)] team as a backing vocalist. At that time, the DWA team included Italo-maestro [a=Roberto Zanetti] along his protégé [a=William Naraine] AKA [a=Double You] and [a=Alessia Aquilani] AKA [a=Alexia]. Sandra soon started doing her own solo sessions under the projects [a=Netzwerk] and [a=Babyroots]. In 1994 she released a single under her own name for the [l=Lupomannaro] label ("Everybody's Dancing"), followed by another one for DWA in 1995 ("Bad Boy"). The last one actually became a big hit in Europe and Canada. During that same year, she took over the vocals for two major dance acts, formerly featuring [a=Giovanna Bersola] AKA [a=Jenny B.] (who left the dance industry for a short period to do a jazz album): [a=J.K.] and [a=Corona]. These amazingly popular acts elevated Sandy to a new level, bringing her more and more jobs in the music industry. She sung and wrote music together with the Italo legends like [a=Roberto Zanetti], [a=Larry Pignagnoli], [a=Davide Riva], [a=Roberto Turatti], [a=Alberto Carpani], [a=Annerley Gordon], [a=Clara Moroni] and many, many others. During the mid-90s she took part in production of an incredible number of top quality Italo Dance tracks. She also launched a new career in jazz music, and did commercials for TV and radio. Sandy left the [a=Corona] project in 1998. She had a baby and limited time left to release records. However, the new millennium resurrected her interest in dance music. Sandra started working for Roby Benvenuto's company, recording many dance tracks for markets other than Italian. Her new songs were published mostly on compilations. She established new connections with the [l=X-Energy Records] team, doing tracks with [a=Marco Benassi] AKA [a=Benny Benassi] (from the world hit "Satisfaction").

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