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Ben Zion Kapov-Kagan

Yisrael Noach Kapov-Kagan

Также известно как: Cantor Ben Zion Kapov-Kagen

Дискография Ben Zion Kapov-Kagan:

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Cantor (or chazzan), 1900-1954, born in Romania. As a youngster, Yisrael Noach sang in various synagogue choirs and at the age of 26 he obtained his first position in Rostov Am Don. He was then engaged by the Brodie Schul in Odessa. In the 1930es, he was able to flee Russia, using his brother Ben-Zion's passport. He retained his brother's name for the rest of his life. When he went to the United States, he became Chazan, first to the Jewish Centre in Ocean Parkway and then to the Concords Jewish centre in the Bronx. He gave concerts all around the States, Canada and South America. He frequently performed with the choir of the very famous choir-leader, Oscar Julius.

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