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Geoff Serle

Также известно как: Serle

Дискография Geoff Serle:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Rising 4 audio iTunes 1980 View
2 Severe Test 11 audio iTunes 1993 Systems Collusion
3 Social Systems 7 audio iTunes 1997 Voiceprint
4 Rising 4 audio iTunes 1980 View

He was born in Bristol (England) and played in various little known rock and jazz groups in the seventies before recording his first album in 1979 with renowned jazz bassist [a301935]. He formed [a99872] in 1981 as an electro-funk industrial jazz unit who supported the likes of [a8796] and [a154588] as well as playing at Womad and recording sessions for the BBC. The band recorded three albums (including Social Systems featuring [a481495]). In the eighties he played in Tranceathon (a systems music big band), a funk outfit called Rhythm Force and Elbow Room, an improvising group with [a252384]. In 1987 He formed [a122220] with [a215685] to explore ambient rhythmic grooves. [a322860], formed in 1988 with [a249463], is a more hard-edged, guitar oriented band. He formed his own label [l32768] in 1993. Other projects include the short lived Shock Troops with [a303100] and [a99207], who recorded the still unreleased electronic album Hedonism, and a dance music project Proof. Other projects include [a330947], an ambient electronica project Mongrel and a hip-hop collaboration with Billy Bang.

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