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Carlo Nasi

Carlo Nasi

Также известно как: C. Nasi, Nasi

Дискография Carlo Nasi:

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President of italian label Panarecord Patty Brard' husband Aniceta Agnelli's nephew. Aniceta Agnelli was the sister of Giovanni Agnelli, founder of italian FIAT. In 1979 he was artistic director of Los Angeles' A&R Department of Wea International (Warner). In 1981 founded Zebra Discorde Music and Striped Horse Records. In 1983 bought italian Panarecord. In 1996 he was Vice President of the EMA (Associated Music Publishers), the most important association of Italian music publishers. In 2000 bought the KRONEN MUSIKVERLAG, music publishing and the German Panarecord International starts to build a network with offices in Los Angeles, Amsterdam and Milan.

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