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Bart Van De Laar

Bart van de Laar

Также известно как: B. v. d. Laar, B. V.D. Laar, B. v/d Laar, B. van de Laar, B.v.d. Laar, B.v.D. Lear, B.V.D.Laar, Bart V. D. Laar, Bart v.d. Laar, Bart v/d Laar, Bart van de Laar, Bart van de Laer, Bart van der Laar, Барт Ван Де Лаар, Барт Ван де Лаар, v. d. Laar, v.d. Laar

Дискография Bart Van De Laar:

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Producer, in the morning on the 10th of november 1981 he was shot and died at his home in Hilversum, the Netherlands. Sometime later a man was arrested and convicted to several years in prison. Later investigation proved he couldn't be the real killer and untill today his murder is still an unsolved mystery and is listed as a cold case.

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