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Entropic (2)

Группа в интернете: http://www.entropic.com.au/

Дискография Entropic (2):

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Braille 5 audio iTunes 2002 Entropy Records (3)
2 Factory Seconds 7 audio iTunes 2005 Entropy Records (3)

Entropic cut their teeth in the underground of Sydney's music scene in the noughties, defining their sound at warehouse parties and jazz holes around the city. Their danceable sound experiments led them to performances at Sydney Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, The Sydney Opera House and a throng of music festivals around the country. In their time they have produced three albums, several singles and have appeared on numerous compilations. Entropic's sound is a finely crafted blend of electronic groove and acoustic technique that swings from ambient and avant-garde soundscapes to stomping dance floor anthems. They draw from electronic music styles such as house, drum'n'bass, breaks and dub, and have been likened to artists such as The Necks, Medeski Martin and Wood, Matthew Herbert and Battles. More recently band members have been recording and performing with bands such as Radical Son, Grafton Primary, The Phonies, The Leisure Bandits and Sketch The Rhyme. Members: Conrad Harris (guitar, vocals) Campbell McGuiness (fender Rhodes, tuned percussion) Hal Strewe (double and electric bass) Robbie Mudrazija (drum kit and percussion) Releases: Fools Will Dance 2008 Factory Seconds 2005 (ent125) Rendezvous - The Remix Project 2003 (ent124) Braille 2003 (ent123) [All releases Entropy Records / distributed by Vitamin Records]

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