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Группа в интернете: http://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/anonym, https://www.facebook.com/anonymousrelease, https://soundcloud.com/anonym, http://www.youtube.com/anonym313, http://www.anonymousrelease.com, http://www.myspace.com/anonymousrelease

Дискография Anonym:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Anonymous Release 2 5 audio iTunes 2004-09-00 Anonymous Release
2 Another Day At The Factory 4 audio iTunes 2004-12-17 Archipel
3 Anonymous Release 3 5 audio iTunes 2005 Anonymous Release
4 Run 5 audio iTunes 2005-12-15 Archipel
5 Huis Muziek Vol.1 4 audio iTunes 2007-12-20 Sushitech Records
6 Detroit Huis (Brothers Vibe Rmx) 4 audio iTunes 2008-08-00 Sushitech Records
7 Fazer-Me A Cabeça EP 3 audio iTunes 2008-09-00 bloop recordings
8 Chelsea 3 audio iTunes 2009-06-09 Sushitech Records
9 Lov Is Easy 3 audio iTunes 2010-03-04 Bass Culture Records
10 Dam EP 4 audio iTunes 2010-03-15 Sushitech Records
11 Dam EP 3 audio iTunes 2010-03-24 Sushitech Records
12 Untitled Treats EP 3 audio iTunes 2009 Redevice
13 Flivvers Vol. 1 EP 7 audio iTunes 2011-11-00 Vakant
14 Changing Cities EP 4 audio iTunes 2012-01-26 Bass Culture Records
15 Changing Cities EP 5 audio iTunes 2012-01-25 Bass Culture Records
16 Lov Is Easy EP 4 audio iTunes 2010-03-19 Bass Culture Records
17 Flivvers Vol. 2 EP 6 audio iTunes 2012-08-21 Vakant
18 Crazy Says What EP 4 audio iTunes 2013-10-07 Lokee Musik

In recent times it has been fashionable for European producers to try and recreate the classic sounds of Detroit. The true vibe and feel can surely only come from the City itself? As his name suggests, whilst we know very little about Anonym, we do know that he hails from the legendary Motor City, and the true essence of this city can be heard and felt in his music. Classic sounds constructed with a modern touch. Gritty, raw and crying out for sweaty basements.

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