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Также известно как: Juvenes

Дискография Iuvenes:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Riddle Of Steel 5 audio iTunes 2000 No Colours Records
2 Empire Of Iuvenes 11 audio iTunes 2001 No Colours Records
3 The Empyrean Call's Of Wolves 4 audio iTunes 1998
4 Riddle Of Steel 7 audio iTunes No Colours Records
5 When Heroes Will Rise 11 audio iTunes No Colours Records
6 Triumph Of The Will 4 audio iTunes 2006 No Colours Records
7 Blood, Steel And Temper Of Spirit 17 audio iTunes 2004 No Colours Records
8 When Heroes Will Rise 7 audio iTunes 2002 No Colours Records

From Poland. Iuvenes is Latin for 'young'. Their earliest material was black ambient. For the debut LP the band played in the Viking Black Metal style similar to Bathory's 'Blood Fire Death'. Greywolf passed away 30 October 2009. It's unknown if Iuvenes will continue.

Комментарии о Iuvenes: